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Vintage Cufflinks Pan, God of the Woods Incolay Masterpiece Collection by Dante


For Sale: (1) Vintage Cufflinks Pan, God of the Woods Incolay Cameo Masterpiece Collection by Dante

Please see pictures for more details!


Vintage gold filled rectangle cuff links from Dante's Masterpiece Collection featuring beautifully carved Pan, the god of the woods in pursuit of one of his lovers.  This is an unsigned piece.  These cufflinks are very attractive.  They still look great for their age. 
A handsome and timeless pair.

These are authentic Incolay stones - exact reproductions of original carvings in Dante's Masterpiece Collection selected from the museums of the Mediterranean where Greek and Roman artisans flourished from 400 B.C. to 300 A.D.. It took many years and the fall of Greece to the Romans before cameo portraits became a realistic form of art in great demand. The fine, detailed carving of ancient cameos was an art virtually forgotten until the Incolay process was developed. The Incolay stone is a combination of minerals and chemicals and the result of many years of of research and development. Unlike ancient onyx cameos, it will not chip or crack and can be cleaned with any jewelry compound. The Incolay stone re-creates the priceless cameos now housed in museums throughout the world. 

Basic Myth: Pan is the god who watches over flocks, forests, mountains, and all wild things. He shares this aspect with Apollo. While he is usually despoiling maidens and others, he can also be gentle and is said to have talked Psyche out of committing suicide over her thwarted love for the god  Eros - another divinity who may have been considerably downsized over time.

In great condition. Small surface scratches from normal wear.  (AS SEEN IN PICTURES)

  • 1 3/16" x 7/8" 
  • Gold Filled


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